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To be presented at Evans Senior Center in Grove City:
“Writing a Historical Novel” Take a humorous and informative look at the challenges of learning to live in an earlier time. Topics include examples of coal mining history and writing about the era when coal mining was king. WEDNESDAY 9/11 2:30-3:30 pm. No charge.
“Haunted Ohio” Kinser presents a program about haunted Southeastern Ohio. Her novel “The Mourning of Amalie,” an entertaining look at lore and legends of unquiet spirits is set in quaint McArthur Ohio. WEDNESDAY 10/9 6:30-7:30 No charge
“THe Underground Railroad and the Black Laws” although Ohio was always a free state, it was often not hospitable to free black people and escaped slaves. Explore the Underground Railroad and the African-American experience in the 19th and 20th centuries. TUESDAY 11/19 2:30-3:30

“Being Black in Ohio” will be presented at the African Methodist Episcopalian Church in Lancaster, Ohio. SUNDAY, OCTOBER 27 at 2 pm. Public is welcome.



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