Lectures and Presentations

Diane is a noted presenter and is equally at home in a historic building using posters and handouts as she is in high-tech facilities where PowerPoint slides can be used. She accommodates the needs and requests of the audience in the following ways:

  • Timeframe: Lectures can be honed to 20 minutes or expanded to an hour.
  • Audience Size: Groups of five to five hundred
  • Readings: Lectures are usually followed by readings appropriate for the topic and audience and range from 15 minutes to 35 minutes.
  • Signings: Books are always available for purchase and signing, either in advance of the lecture or at the end or both.
  • Honorarium:  Always welcome but can be negotiated. ($50-150)
  • Mileage: Not necessary for locales within 50 miles of Columbus, Ohio; however, very much appreciated for longer drives.


Writing a Historical Novel – A humorous and informative look at the challenges of learning to “live” in an earlier time.  Includes extensive examples of coal mining and writing about the era when coal was king. Suitable for all groups and ages.

Coal Mining in Southern Ohio- An in depth look at the life of miners and their families from the late 1880’s through 1915. All ages

The Birth of Unions in Coal Mining Appalachia- based on “Dappled Glory” and “In the Eyes of God” (Books 2 and 3 of The Black Diamond Trilogy).  The life of a coal miner in the previous century was treacherous. This talk discusses efforts to unionize.

Haunted Southeastern Ohio  (This can be expanded to Haunted Ohio)- based on the novel “The Mourning of Amalie,” set in McArthur, Ohio, this is an entertaining look at lore and legends of unquiet spirits.

You’ve Written It: Now What? – An informal examination, based on personal trials and errors, of options writers have other than agents.  (This can be changed to fit a workshop format and geared towards teens or adults.)

Coming Soon:

Finding the Fact in Fiction –

Footprints of the Past-


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